09. Caamaño Islet

Caamaño Islet dive site map Galapagos Islands

Location Details

Caamaño Islet is located at the west side of Academy Bay in Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz Island). Depth ranges from 3 – 18 meters (10 to 60 feet) and visibility usually averages 6 – 15 meters (20 – 50 feet). Current is generally persistent from the southeast but moderate. Surge can be strong at times and is most felt in the shallow areas. Caamaño Islet has a Sea Lion colony. Reef fish live in the slope. Turtles, schooling fish and sharks are ocassional visitors.

Caamaño is one of the favorite places for Performing the first Open Water Check out dives of the Open Water Diver Course, Teaching Scuba Lessons in different levels and performing the open water section of classes in many levels.

Dive Photos

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