PADI TecRec Diving Courses

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PADI TecRec Diving Courses

Technical diving is scuba diving’s “extreme” sport, taking experienced and qualified divers far deeper than in mainstream recreational diving. Technical diving is marked by significantly more equipment and training requirements to manage the additional hazard this type of diving entails. Tec diving isn’t for everyone, but for those who hear its challenge call, the PADI TecRec courses are the answer. View the PADI Tec Diving blog.

The fun part of TecRec is rising to the challenges as you dive deeper and longer than most divers ever do.

What is PADI TecRec Diving?

Technical scuba diving is defined as diving other than conventional commercial or research diving that takes divers beyond recreational scuba diving limits. It is further defined as and includes one or more of the following:

  • diving beyond 40 metres/130 feet deep
  • required stage decompression
  • diving in an overhead environment beyond 40 linear metres/130 linear feet of the surface
  • accelerated decompression and or the use of variable gas mixtures during the dive

Because in technical diving the surface is effectively inaccessible in an emergency, tec divers use extensive methodologies and technologies and training to manage the added risks. Even with these, however, tec diving admittedly has more risk, potential hazard and shorter critical error chains than does recreational scuba diving.

PADI Discover Tec Diving

PADI Discover Tec Diving lets you try technical diving equipment and procedures.  You learn about technical diving and get to try it out. Plus, Discover Tec experiences can also credit towards the PADI Tec 40 course.

PADI Tec 40 Course

If you’re interested in technical diving, but haven’t yet met the prerequisites for the PADI Tec 45 course or the PADI Tec 50 course, you can consider enrolling in the PADI Tec 40 course.

PADI Tec 45 Course

The PADI Tec 45 course picks up where PADI Tec 40 leaves off and takes your training as a tec diver further and deeper. It is the second sub-course in the full PADI Tec Diver course.

PADI Tec 50 Course

The PADI Tec 50 Course completes your training as an entry-level tec diver, taking you past the limits of recreational diving.

PADI Tec Gas Blender Course

Diving with enriched air is becoming more and more popular and the demand for enriched air fills is increasing. This is where the PADI Tec Gas Blender Course comes in.

PADI Tec Trimix Diver Course

PADI Tec Trimix Diver Course is for the extreme diver ready to further explore the world of technical deep diving, the gas of choice is trimix; a blend of oxygen, helium and nitrogen.

PADI Tec Trimix 65 Course

The PADI Tec Trimix 65 Course opens up the advantages of trimix to the diver, and divers are qualified to make multi-stop decompression dives that employ EANx and oxygen for accelerated decompression, …